The project of the Retinafond "Screening of diabetic retinopathy" was launched in Perm, at the MEDSI clinic

On 28.06.22, we signed a joint agreement under which free studies will be conducted on the basis of the ophthalmological department of MEDSI, at the address: Perm, Gazeta Zvezda str., 13, to all people living with diabetes over 11 years old.

Zeiss, being our partner, has provided a modern ultra-wide-field fundus camera Clarus 500 for the implementation of this socially significant project.

Engineers and managers of Zeiss company trained employees to work with the device, the head of the Foundation Tatyana Avanesova told about the goals and objectives of the project, the algorithm of the survey.

We wish you interesting and useful communication between all project participants! Let screening and knowledge about diabetic retinopathy help prevent irreversible changes in vision in all people living with diabetes!

Phones for recording diabetic retinopathy screening in Perm:

+7 (342) 215 06 10
+7 (342) 215 09 03
+7 (342) 259 99 08